BurgerFi : A Heaven for Burgers

Mr. Rosatti’s dream is now a reality. After opening other branches in the contiguous U.S., he has now come to Anchorage. BurgerFi just started out around three months ago and it already has been nominated as a burger hotspot in Anchorage!

BurgerFi has been in the U.S.A for decades, but Anchorage has just begun to get the taste of this All-American food institution. From prices ranging $6 to all the way up to $30, BurgerFi guarantees its customers all natural, ground beef burgers and a variety of food to choose from!

BurgerFi is an unique experience. It gives customers more than just dining. It makes you feel good about your food. BurgerFi is also an environmentally friendly restaurant. They use chairs made of recycled soda bottles and tables made out of recycled wood. They even use large fans, which uses 66 percent less electricity. BurgerFi is serious and strict about their recycling policies, which includeslin recycling oil, wood, glass and cupboards. BurgerFi is therefore known as the “heart” of the better burger movement because they are the best in the restaurant recycling.

Wilton Farmwald described his experience at BurgerFi as “heaven in your mouth.” He said, “Honestly, the burgers are a little small for my appetite, but they are the best you can find in any fast food chain restaurants.” He even added, “This is surely a burger haven!”

In addition, BurgerFi has built a menu with more varied specialties like Kobe beef hot dogs, wine, beer and a more overall focus on healthier food. The burgers are never frozen, never cooked in a microwave oven and are guaranteed fresh, juicy and delicious at BurgerFi!

Joshua Elama has been working at BurgerFi since their opening. “I am happy with my job and I love working at BurgerFi. Undoubtedly, we make the best burgers and fries.” He also said, “The service and the environment is better than any other working place.”

BurgerFi serves around 1000 customers everyday. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 11 in the night. It is recreating the whole meaning of whole beef burgers all over the nation!

The “CEO Burger,” the “VegeFi Burger” and the “Breakfast All Day Burger” are the major highlights of this delicious industry. All of them are less than 800 calories! People are not only getting juicy, meaty and “melt-in-your-mouth” burgers, but also a low calorie diet! Add a drink and you are all good to go. Even better, make it a meal: some golden, crispy fries with your cheesy burgers! Don’t feel like having a burger? Try BurgerFi’s new and amazing Texas Style Chili Dog! Spicy and hot food lovers cannot miss out this one! You can even add toppings like mushroom, mozzarella cheese and more meat! BurgerFi will make you counting stars with their “out of this world” burgers!

Moreover, the cashiers are always kind and respectful. They know how to keep the line moving during busy hours. Excellent service and menu suggestions are just one of the outstanding qualities of BurgerFi. It is also a great place for watching games. Although the restaurant is a little loud, it makes you feel alive! BurgerFi will make you feel like you belong there.