Tardy Policy

Did you know just last year there were issued over 32,000 tardies issued at West High??

Some teachers don’t even mark tardies at times because school tardies are overwhelming. It was such a big deal that they made a new tardy policy to stop lower the tardies that happen in West. Due to this new incident it has caused a great outrage from the students.

Many students hate the new policy in general and they don’t want to get a detention for just one tardy.

Eliezer Santiago is an average student at West. His favorite classes Jazz band with Mr. Arms and Science fiction with Mr. Schumacher. Eliezer is a self-managed senior who gets in class at time ever since the new tardy policy. During his freshmen year he was tardy a lot cause the new tardy policy wasn’t enforced yet. In a way misses the old policy due to the flexibility of the policy and no pressure in rushing to class.

He thinks the 32,000 tardies issued in West alone wasn’t really a big deal its just another year of tardies. Mr. Santiago thinks the new tardy policy won’t change anything when it comes to students skipping class. He believes the new tardy policy is too strict in some ways. Elie believes it’s unfair about how kids are getting detention even though their classes are separated from across school.

He believes the school did this cause an overreaction from the teachers wanting their students to come to class. Mr. Santiago believes students should have a chance at least on their first tardy. “It has a good intention to train students to get in class in time so they could get prepared for the real world, but its too strict towards students,” he says.

Ron Holmes, tennis coach, food nutrition and child development teacher, views the new tardy policy as a good thing. Coach Holmes has been a teacher at west for 12 years. In high school he was never tardy. Back in Mr. Holmes days punishments for being tardy were paddling. He sees no reason why students back in the day weren’t tardy as much as today. Mr. Holmes generally marks tardies in his classes. He believes the tardy policy has changed attendance in West, he never sees kids roaming in the school hallways anymore.

Coach Holmes assumes kids never roam the halls as much as before, because they know the consequences they had to face for skipping or being tardy. “The tardy policy teaches students to be on time in class and to be responsible, because in real life if you’re late on a job you’re fired,” Holmes says. The tardy policy was enforced because students were usually late to class or skipping. Mr. Holmes sees tardies aren’t a big deal in West as before and he agrees 100 percent on the new tardy policy.