Dress Code at West High

Many students at West High School think that the dress code is unfair. Our dress code is no hats, strapless shirts or dresses, saggy pants, crop tops, too short of shorts, inappropriate writing or pictures on shirts, sweaters, and pants.

Sydnee Vance doesn’t agree with dress code. She feels that other students get picked on more than others. Which is why she doesn’t like or agree with it. She has been told to change, but stood up for herself that what she was wearing was appropriate.

Sydnee’s opinion on dress code is that she thinks it’s unfair sometimes. She says, “if you have everything covered up it shouldn’t be distracting.” ”Other students at West agrees with me, “as she added on. Sydnee often feels offensive about what she’s wearing, because she sees other girls wearing inappropriate clothes when she thinks she is not.

Vance thinks there should not be a punishment for the dress code. She thinks the dress code should be strapless shirts or dresses if everything is covered and it is long enough, not too short of shorts, Sydnee says, “I feel we should be able to wear what we want if everything is covered, and if someone get distracted that should not be her or any girls fault.”

Mrs. Brogan was asked for her thoughts about the dress code. She often tells students to pull pants up, take hats off, or put a jacket on. Some students argue a little. If they refuse she sends them to student services, she’s only dealt with that one time. Mrs. Brogan says, “I don’t catch certain things that aren’t obvious.”

In a sense some things bother her when students dress inappropriate, but says, “I feel hats should be okay.” But she does agree with no saggy pants, no cleavage, and belly shirts. She said, “I agree with the dress code, but we should change the way we enforce it, not treating girls like tramps. ”She feels girls get in trouble more than boys like most say.

Another staff member that deals with the dress code is Mr. Antonio. But he will sends girls to a girl staff member. Mr. Antonio says, “I don’t like that some girls come to school looking like they’re going to the club.” He also mentions, “it distracts little boys at West.” It bothers him that students dress inappropriate so he does agree with the dress code. He says he agrees with all of it.

Mr. Antonio also mentioned that if students don’t change it could lead to suspension. Just like Mrs. Brogan, he said girls get in trouble more than boys. He often asks students to change, and girls are more of the ones to argue, because they have more of a selection of clothes to wear that are inappropriate for school. He also told me sometimes parents would get involved and argue that their child is wearing appropriate clothes.