Holiday Shopping for Teens

Don’t know what to get a teenager for Christmas? Today with all the new technology and fashion styles, it can get very confusing.

The holiday season is upon us and gifts are in high demand. Some people may not know what to get teenagers, whether you’re a teenager yourself or an adult looking for a gift for a loved one. Teenagers can be very confusing because of their varied interests. Everybody is different, so a lot of people want different things. The trick though is to not overthink it.

Surprisingly, he majority of teenagers would prefer money or gift cards. “It gives you the opportunity to think for yourself and get what you want,” says Eric Luu, a Senior at West High School. In a survey, roughly two out of five students said they prefer gift cards or money more than anything else. The second most preferred choice was clothing. Accessories like, make-up, watches, perfume/cologne came in a close third.

It seems today that teens either don’t trust people to get them what they want or they just don’t know what they want at the time, so they just ask for money so they can shop later. Another good reason for it is that teenagers today are less interested in presents and gifts and need the money for other things.

Monica Salazar, a senior at West, says, “I would probably use some of the money on gas for my vehicle. I drive a Hummer so it eats a lot of gas.”

Today teenagers are more about fashion and driving around looking cool and less about sports and video games, which is why clothes and accessories are among the top choices. Samantha Algoso, a junior at West, says, “fashion is always changing and you’re always going to try and keep up with it. It costs a lot of money to keep buying it for yourself, so when the opportunity comes, why not have someone else get it for you.”

Accessories are also a very close third. They tie in with clothes, watches, earrings, perfume/cologne, make-up, it’s all fashion. Looking good makes people feel good so it would make sense that students would want things that make them feel good for the holidays.

Fashion isn’t the only reason for giving and wanting accessories though. Sasha Bellati, a sophomore at West, says, “I feel like accessories are a more thoughtful gift because you are actually thinking about what the person likes and not just what you can get them.”

Overall, the safest and best thing to get a teenager for Christmas is gift cards and money. This way they can choose what they want and be sure to be happy. It also takes off some of the pressure of trying to find the right gift for the gift giver. Teenagers can be very confusing, especially around the holidays. I hope this article helped and everyone has a merry Christmas.