The One, The Only: Mrs. Ardy


Mrs. Ardy Robertson has been teaching for 20 years, and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

When asked she always wanted to be a teacher she said “no”. That when she was little she wanted to be a missionary until she found out that they don’t get paid for their services she quickly change her mind and went in teaching. Mrs. Ardy is glad she is that she is a teacher because she is in high school and they pay her.

When asked if she felt like she has touched lives, she quickly replied “yes” and then said she is pretty proud of it as well. “I totally agree with the tardy policy and I believe that students should be on time. When asked if she was still on the prom committee, “yes I’m the prom organizer,” she said.

Mrs. Ardy is known as a wonderful teacher and fun to be around by some. When a couple of students, who have her or had her, had nothing but good things to say about her teaching, and her cooking as well.

A student named Mary Scates stated that she wished she that she had a class that seniors could take so she could end the year with a chill English teacher. Christian Pannell even though he had never had Mrs. Ardy as a teacher all he could say was nice things about her and that if he fails his English class he is switching in to her class.

Edward Villarreal says that he thinks that she hates him because he is a terrible student, and that he wish he could get the secret formula to the Slutty Brownies.

When asked the question if she would rather be a student because she loves learning, Mrs. Ardy said he class is fun but they all learn at the same time at a lukewarm pace. When asked if she would want to change her hours, she replied, “I would want my hours to be 10 to two because even I like to sleep in too.” When asked if she would be able to give us a sneak peek about the theme for prom and stated that the theme maybe about The Great Gatsby so keep it classy West, that means no dirty dancing.