Life During School With Mrs. Mason


A lot of kids would call her the best gym teacher, or the most fun, and there favorite teacher. So her name as all of you should know, Ms. Mason. A lot of students that always talk highly about her and always brag about her being the best gym teacher and the most fun. Her name is Rebecca Mason and is born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and she’s a third generation Alaskan.

She said she lived here for quite a while and she said, “I would always call Alaska my home and always will be my home.”  She attended Chugiak high school and finished at Eagle River in 1990 but she said, “West is still the number 1 high school in Alaska.”

After high school she attended University Of Idaho for one year and then she came back to Alaska and finished up at University Of Anchorage Alaska and got her degree there too and has a Bachelor of Science. She said she really loved UAA because of all the helped she got and finishing up.

She has three kids, Pauline 19 years old, Alexandra 12 years old, and Carmelo 6 years old and she said, “about two hundred kids at school that call her mom.”  Pauline attends University Of Louisiana Tech, Alexandra attends Clark middle school, and her youngest goes to an uncommon elementary school.

“I wanted to become a gym teacher because my mom been a gym teacher for forty years and I use to go and visit her all the time and I just loved it and I just loved sports growing up and just wanted to be active in her adult life.”  Her favorite class she absolutely loves to teach is hands down her volleyball class because she said she grew up playing volleyball and she loves playing volleyball with her family and friends.

Also she loves it because her kids in that class are so into it and she just loves the competition and like she would always say “Volleyball is Life.”  She absolutely loves playing with her class every day because it keeps her active and makes her day a lot of fun. She also says that it’s very hard remembering all the students’ names in her class but at the end of it she said it gets easier for her.

Another thing that keeps her really active is that she coaches the softball little league team for a while and been doing great that she took the team out of state to play other softball teams. One student said, “She just really treats me and the other students like a mother and she really cares for us. She’s my favorite gym teacher because of the type of energy that she brings when she plays with us or just in general because she just loves playing with us.”

Mr. Larkey said, “she is a great gym teacher overall and he loves working with her and just a mom to all her students.”