Shoe Trends at West

Students attending West wear a variety of shoe types and brands. Some shoes worn at West are well known and well liked; some are obscure and are rarely worn by students. What are the boys and girls of West’s favorite shoes?

Senior at West, Victoria Lopez, enjoys attending West. “I think West High School is the most diverse and honored school in Alaska,” she states. Victoria enjoys West also because the environment is “safe and comfortable, and all the teachers have a passion for their job, which is very neat!” Victoria rarely dresses up fashionably to school, she says, “only on Fridays mostly is when I want to dress up all cute.” She says. Victoria’s most worn shoes, and her favorite shoes, would be her long, tall, brown cowboy boots. “I wear them pretty much everyday!” She says. Victoria thinks that the most worn shoes for girls of West would be a tie between Ugg boots, Vans and Nikes. “I say this because I see like 60 percent of West girls always wearing these brands all the time,” Victoria says.

Cindy Tabares, an 18-year-old senior at West, loves how fun and interesting West is, with all the different cliques and people attending. Cindy enjoys attending West and the students are “pretty nice,” she says. Cindy usually dresses up fashionably on Fridays, mostly because it is dress up days for the sports Cindy plays, which are flag football and soccer. Cindy has a different variety of shoes that she wears; which are her high heel boots, her Uggs, and her Toms! Cindy states that she thinks the most worn shoes girls wear at West High would be Uggs, because while in class, Cindy was observing what the girls were wearing in class, and mostly Uggs were being worn.

Senior at West, Brandon Merculieff, states, “West is ghetto compared to most schools, but West is one of the biggest schools in Anchorage.” Brandon also states that the students attending West are “chill.” Brandon’s most favorite brand of shoes to wear are mostly Vans and Nikes. Brandon will mostly likely be wearing one of those brand name shoes everyday to school. Brandon thinks “the most worn shoes would be a tie between Vans and Nikes, mostly because it is pretty much the only shoes I see being worn at West.”

Dondres McMorris, 17-year-old, loves the chill environment at West High, and also loves the learning that occurs at West. One thing Dondres dislikes about West High would be, “there are way too many drama mamas attending West High!” Dondres rarely dresses up fashionably to school. His reason is because, “nobody here is worth impressing,” he says. His favorite brand of shoes are Jordans, although Dondres rarely wears Jordans to school. Dondres thinks, “the most favorite boy worn shoes at West would have to be Nikes and Jordans, because everyone loves Jordans!”