King Career Center

Traditional schooling far too often leaves kids to daydream during class with an abundance of writing and bookwork.


In today’s modern world if a student is uninterested in what the teacher has to say they will just get on their phone and tune the teacher out. Instead of having the student drift off into a state of boredom why not make what the teacher is saying more relevant to the students interest?


At King Career Center (K.C.C.) students are given that option with numerous career pathways to pursue, from firefighting to cosmetology. All the classes are taught by instructors that are or have been in that career, so they will be able to teach students from real life experience.

Classes at K.C.C are taught with a hands-on approach so the students get more involved not only more in the school work but also socially to encourage a more stimulating learning environment.

“Greasy, old and tasteless” are words used by Zach Winter when asked to describe the cafeteria lunches served at West. It’s nothing new that the lunches served in school cafeterias are notorious for being borderline inedible. Well K.C.C. decided to take a different approach for school lunches, by once again getting the students involved and having the culinary class cook up a variety of choices of a main dish, a side dish and even dessert!

At K.C.C. instead of having the students attend three different classes they only attend one so they can focus on setting up a career pathways after high school. K.C.C. even offers tech prep classes where students can acquire college level credits, on top of the initial credit and a half, upon completing the class with a successful grade. This gives students more than just a head start in college but also gives relief to students faced with the burden of class and book fees. “Its a great way to have a foot in the door for when you start your college career!” exclaims West High alum Michael Garrido.

Looking to meet new friends? With the hands-on approach that K.C.C. offers and the fact that students come from all over the Anchorage School District makes for a socially stimulating environment where students are given the chance to make friends with students across the district in ways they would never have the chance to before. “The first few weeks of my class no one knew each other and the class was really quiet but once everybody got comfortable with each other it soon became my favorite class!” exclaims Alec Hernandez.

K.C.C. offers two classes during the normal school day: A.M. that runs from 7:45-9:45 and a P.M. that runs from 11:15-1:20. If you are unsure if you want to take K.C.C. or don’t know which class you want to take K.C.C. offers a class called third session where students attend three individual classes for one week intervals where students can obtain half a credit for doing so. There are limited seats at K.C.C. so if you are interested then you can contact your school counselor class options and availability.