Hunter Killer Auditioning

Saalik Goode is auditioning for a part in a new movie coming out called “Hunter Killer.” He does not care what part he gets he just wants to experience something new. He found this out from online. It’s about a submarine captain with the U.S navy that gets kidnapped. To even get an audition he just had to send a picture of himself to the people involved with the movie, and let them know he is of age. Although for the audition itself people auditioning just have to say a few lines. Saalik says, “so far all I know is that it is a thriller movie.” The movie is going to be shot in Whittier. “The movie is not going to be out until next year sadly,” said Saalik.

Saalik’s friend Desmond Gross is also auditioning for the movie. He is doing this for something new to try too. “I want to be in the movie a lot,” he says. They both found out about this together, they think it would be cool because they have known each other for eight years. Desmond says, “We want to do this to put Alaska on the map, and to get more noticed by the world.” They have never done anything like this before so it is different for them. If they do get the parts they will have to get their looks changed up a little. Saalik and Desmond don’t want acting careers but they just want to try it out.

Desmond mentions that he is trying to move to Seattle so he might not be here to finish whatever he needs to if he gets a part. Katy Rieth, another person auditioning, says she is trying to get a part as a civilian. She also found out about this online. “I hope I get more opportunities like this again,” she mentions. Not many major acting parts are available though, but she will take what she can. “I have never done auditions so I am kind of nervous for such a big movie like this,” she says. All three people hope to get parts in this movie and have a good experience.