To Crossy Road or to Not Crossy Road?

Crossy Road is a relatively new application for the iPhone that was released November 20th, 2014. It is an endless Frogger-like game and you’ll guide one of the 50 characters across a busy never ending stretch of highway while dodging cars, trains, eagles, and other crazy hazards. It did not start getting popular until mid January, around the 15th. Teenagers started to download this game, and getting addicted to it. They get addicted and tell their friends about it, and it just gets more and more famous from there. No one thought this game would become so popular, not even the Crossy Road co-creator, Andrew Sum. He said, “The whole project was an experiment, we had no idea how the game would perform and it has been a success.”

A senior at West High, James Batman, downloaded the game when he saw his friends playing it. He started to really enjoy the game and started getting better and better at it. Until one day he got a high score of 91. When he got that high score he thought he could definitely get a way better score so he kept playing Crossy Road. James said “When I got the game, it was fun and I kept playing to beat my high score.” After all that hard work and time he put in of playing Crossy Road, James finally beat his high score. He ended up with a high score of 194 and he said “After I beat my high score of 91 I was so happy I just stopped playing because 194 is going to be so hard to beat and I do not want to spend my whole day looking at a phone screen playing a game.” He still plays it every once in a while, but is very satisfied with his high score.

Nasim Falconer downloaded Crossy Road when she was doing homework one night. She got so tired of doing homework she decided to take a break to play this game all her friends were talking about. She got so into it that she didn’t even finish her homework until 1 in the morning because she lost track of time. Nasim said, “I never thought a game could be so addicting and so time consuming.” Whenever she gets bored, or is doing homework, she starts to play it. Her high score is 110 and she works every day to beat it. She said “This game is so hard and I’m not very good at it but it makes time go faster when I’m bored.”

Crossy Road is a very popular game and no one knows why. There is really no point to it, but to a lot of people it is very fun and amusing. It took a few months to get popular, but it did and now the Crossy Road creators are making millions of dollars for it. Once you start playing the game, you just can’t stop.