The Loft

“The Loft” came out on January 30 and stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, and Matthias Schoenaerts. These five men share a secret penthouse loft in the city of San Diego to indulge in their deepest fantasies. The movie is rated four stars by fans and three by critics.

The girls predict what the movie will be like and what they expect of it, “I expect this movie to be a great thriller and keep me on my toes,” Allie Ingrim says. She hopes that the storyline is solid and the actors are spectacular. Allie predicts that one of the five guys is the murderer and that he did not do it on purpose. “I also hope the movie is good and keeps me interested,” says Ashlyn Shadle. She also thinks that it was an accidental murder in their loft, but she is not sure and cannot wait to see what actually happens.

Image result for the loft After seeing the movie the girls agreed that it was more than they expected. All five guys are married and they all share a secret loft in the city, which was designed by one of the men. Only those five guys have the keys to the place and no one else is supposed to know about it. As the movie goes on a few of the guys take numerous girls up there. One morning one of the guys shows up and finds a dead body of a girl on the bed with blood everywhere and she was handcuffed to the bed. All the men start to turn on each other as they are trying to figure out what happened because they were the only people who had the key to the loft. “I thought it would just be about a girl that dies and to figure out who did it, but there were many more details to the story that made it interesting,” Allie says. She and Ashlyn agree that the movie did a great job with the storyline because lots of movies lately are the same type of story or the same type of outline to a story, but this one was unexpected. With it being different type of movie it kept them on their toes. “I just wish the ending was a little different though,” Ashlyn says. It was not fairy tale ending or an ending that was very predictable like everyone wants; it was just an ending with a reality.

All in all, the movie was worth their while and Allie and Ashlyn highly recommend seeing it. “It was definitely a break from the classic love stories or action movies that keep coming out,” Allie says. They hope that more interesting movies like this start coming out more because it was so interesting and different. “I would definitely rate it a four or a four and a half out of five,” Allie says. So if you want to see a movie that is really worth your ten dollars at the theater, “The Loft” is the movie to see!