Forest Hills Drive Album

2014 Forest Hills Drive was released by Jermaine Lamarr Cole, more commonly known by his stage name J.Cole on December 9th, 2014. It was released by J.Cole himself under Dreamville, Roc Nation and Columbia Records. Ashlyn Shalde a student from West High School gives her opinion on the album. Although she does not like all of the songs on this album, her favorite song is No Role Modelz. She also has not always listened to him, she says, “I did not always listen to J.Cole but I love some of the songs!”

Ashlyn also mentions that in some of the songs in this album J.Cole raps about the innocent African-American people killed by cops. “I like that he speaks for them and gets the news out there,” she says. Ashlyn thinks the recent situation about Mike Brown is really unfair, J.Cole actually mentions his name in one of his songs.

A lot of protests went on all over the world after Mike Brown was shot several times after putting his hands up and surrendering to the cop. Ashlyn would protest in Alaska for him and other innocent people killed from cops. She also would recommend the album to anyone would likes his type of music.

Another person gives their opinion on this album. Maliq Green says this is his favorite album yet from J.Cole, Maliq says, “I have been listening to J.Cole since I was in the seventh grade.” His favorite song on this album is A Tale Of 2 Cities. His favorite lyrics from this song are, “everything ain’t always good as it seems, but until you got it how could you know.” He likes these lyrics because it’s true and it makes sense. Maliq says, “I like him because he actually talks about stuff going on other than bragging about what he has like most rappers.”

He would only recommend his music to people who like Hip/Hop like Ashlyn said. He also likes that he speaks up for Mike Brown and the respect he shows for him and other African-American innocent lives taken by police. Maliq really respects him and other people speaking up for those lives. He thinks that J.Cole should have won at least one Grammy, for his songs that he thinks earned it like, The Warm Up and Born Sinner.