Call of Duty

Anyone like Call of Duty? The most recent video game, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, was released on November 6, 2014. Advanced Warfare has a campaign mode like all other Call of Duties, although this one has more futuristic weapons. You might be able to compare it to the Halo games. You can choose an exo ability to give you the upper hand in certain situations, or more score streaks if that is what you want.

Even though this is a new game, there are people that are already hacking to win. “If they hack into a match I’m playing they will ruin the fun, unless they’re like cool hackers and they let me do stuff,” said West student Nicolas Cortes.

Some hackers give everyone in the lobby cool abilities that you could not get on your own without downloading programs onto a hard drive and plugging it into your console. Some abilities you may see are bottomless clip, flying and super speed. In Advanced Warfare it will be harder to tell if someone is hacking unless they have God mode or can fly forever.

Many people are finding something they have found in pretty much any game. People are finding glitches. There are YouTube videos on how to get into these glitches. It gives some people an unfair advantage in certain game modes. Sledgehammer games brought the game mode Infected (was in Modern Warfare 3) into Advanced Warfare and many people are getting an insane amount of kills from standing inside a glitch and killing the people infected. You can also use the glitches in Exo Survival, which is like spec ops from the Modern Warfare’s, to get to higher rounds and level up faster. Some people do not like playing multiplayer first, but they do the story/ campaign mode instead.

The campaign is fairly short compared to all of the other Call of Duties, but it is still worth playing. “I honestly think that’s a good thing ‘cause I think some campaigns actually drag out, and sometimes I want to finish the campaign before I play the multiplayer,” said Samuel Bajoon, West senior. Many people do the campaign first because you can learn what weapons are good, and how to use all of the new equipment. “I would play the campaign for the story ‘cause I like to know why I’m playing the game, why all of this stuff is happening,” said Bajoon. Although there are many new weapons and equipment, there are some things that transferred from previous Call of Duties.

“I guess it’s cool that they brought some Call of Duty Ghosts weapons and kind of modified them,” said Cortes. Many games have similarities to other games especially the games in the Call of Duty series. There are updates for Advanced Warfare that are fixing some bugs and patching glitches. Like in previous games, the creators of the game are trying to make the game more enjoyable and fair.