Fall Fashion

When asked about the three most common brands seen around in the halls by West High Students, the majority said that The North Face came at the top, with Abercrombie and Fitch as second and Aeropostale as third.

The North Face is unisex clothing apparel that is, “worn both equally [by both genders],” said Shantina Gillion, West senior.

Many students have mixed feelings about how the seasons affect their shopping, but Shantina agrees that the change in weather also affects her shopping spree at the stores.

Almost everyone surveyed for this article said that the brand commonly seen during the winter time would be The North Face. Sophomore, Aleya Gile says, “it’s better for Alaskan weather, [and] I guess looks stylish.”

The brand Abercrombie and Fitch, which ranked second in the survey, “is geared to Americans,” according to Annette Hose, Service High School student.

In the halls of West, seeing students wear Abercrombie and Fitch is a common occurrence. But the brand is “usually worn by guys,” says Amber Groff, a senior at West. “Girls I see usually wear clothes from Aerie.” Amber states. The brand Aerie is targeted towards women.

Aleya says, “I see mostly jackets and sweatpants from Aeropostale worn in the school.” The female audience in the school tends to wear Aeropostale rather than the male students.

Even still, students of all grades can be seen wearing these brands. Without minding much of who wears what certain brand based on gender. However, some students do agree that there is an age rank to wearing these brands overall. Student Kimberly Ibay, from Service High School says that people between 13 to 35 years old should be wearing these brands. While students like Shantina say that there is not much of an age distance for wearing them. Patrick Gile says “I don’t think any age group should wear them.”

At most, half the students, like Sean Sasis, end up with the clothes by “parents throwing [them] at me,” Sean says with a low chuckle. He likes to shop at clearance where most clothing items for sale are cheaper.

Most students can agree that many of them get their clothes as gifts from their relatives. Others like Patrick say, ”you get a lot of money, get spoiled, [or] your parents buy them for you.”

Most other students in the school spend an average amount of $150 dollars yearly by purchasing their clothes. Still, most students would prefer to spend their money at stores like Value Village, a store where second-hand clothes can be re-worn and sold at a lower price. “I would shop at Value Village,” Patrick says with loads of enthusiasm in his voice.

The students surveyed all had different opinions on their favorite brands. Many of them were not pertaining to the three most common brands seen in the school. One of the students, Sean, states that he has no particular favorite brand, while as students like Kaleena says her favorite brand is Converse, one of the many shoe brands wore at the school.

Some of these students have tried shopping online and say that it is much easier and much quicker than waiting in line at the store. “It’s a click of a button,” Annette says.

Shantina disagrees. “I don’t have a credit card,” she says with a frown.