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Hey hey, it’s time to write about Ruta Faitele. Ruta is a 5’3" senior at West Anchorage High School. She loves to eat Pansip, because “oh lord the noodles are just so tasty and the way it soothes through your mouth down your throat it’s just so amazing,” she exclaims. The sports that she loves to play are volleyball and rugby, reason being is because she just loves seeing how people get hit in the face and seeing bruises being left on her skin after hitting the floor. Surprisingly she is not full Samoan; there’s a mix of Korean and Maori in her. Her favorite movie of all time is called War Room. “The way that Elizabeth Jordan fights through trial and tribulations through blessings is so touching I that cried and I just loved the lessons that came upon the movie through it all,” she explains. Nursing is her ultimate career goal, not because of the salary they make or the way they make it look easy by just sitting there at a desk all day, it’s her career because she loves being able to help others and become someone’s hero and save a life. With a family of ten, Ruta loves her family because even when they love to fight a lot over small things such as who has better hair, but under the tough fights, there is tough love towards them. Ruta was born in American Samoa and raised in Kuhio Park Terrace, Hawaii on November 10, 1999. Other than Alaska Ruta has lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a while just so, “she can see other places besides the snow and Alaska,” she explains. There you have it, the life of being the amazing Ruta Faitele.

Ruta Faitele, Student

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