West vs. Chugiak Boys Varsity Soccer March 26

Gordon Tui, Reporter

West Anchorage High School walked off the field all smiles after defeating Chugiak High School (4:0) on Saturday March 26 at The Dome.

Kaleb Kuehn, Varsity Assistant Coach, said, “Once we had those new players eligible, we could implement our lineup and switch to a more offensive attack.” And that’s exactly what they did. This was not Kuehn’s first game, he’s been coaching for more than 10 years, and been playing since a toddler. When asked what’s the most imported skill to have he replied with “Of course you’ve got to be able to play soccer but you got to be fit.”

West had a remarkable game, it was like watching a Chihuahua pick a fight with a T-rex. In the first half West Varsity Captain, Greyson Adams, gave an assist for the first goal of the day.

Adams been playing soccer since he was 5 years old, and is planning to play in college. As the season passes he learns that he needs to control the speed of the play. “It takes a lot of hard work and love for the game,” said Greyson. Greyson also said that he has to keep positive because if he’s not positive it’s going to start a chain reaction. Soccer is a very competitive game and takes a lot of patience. Although it may look like he did great, but when asked if he could change anything about the game he replied with “I feel like I could’ve kept the ball more, and I feel like we just threw the ball away.”

Goalie is the most important position in soccer said Kuehn and Greyson. It’s the last line of defense and the first line of offense. If you don’t have a good goalie then you don’t have a good defense said Kuehn. The goalie also has to have unwavering determination to keep the other team from scoring. Even if the other team scores he needs to keep his head high and never give up. This goalie is none other than Greyson’s brother Hudson Adams.

Hudson said he started playing soccer around 4 years old and thought it was cool because his older brother was into it. “Quick reaction, really good hand eye coordination, and need to be able to tell the players what to do,” he replied when asked what skills were needed for a goalie.  Hudson does his own separate warm up, but when it the team comes together he has the closest bond with his brother and the team. “We know how we play and we have really strong chemistry with the team,” he said.

During the second half West scored once more and after that it was just a stalemate. Chugiak tried their best to get back in the game but it wasn’t quite enough to get in the lead. And that’s all you need from a team, the ability to fight through when everything else is working against you. And as the day end Chugiak rode the bus home with a crushing defeat by West.