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Student Life with phones

Jashua Tomihara, Reporter

February 3, 2017

Student Life With phones   Everyday students of West Anchorage High School have electronics that they can use in many different ways. Whether it's checking the latest post by the most known celebrity in the world, to ...

Student Views on New President

Rae'Jeen King, Reporter

February 3, 2017

Many people are still in awe about the Inauguration of Donald Trump, and some people enjoyed seeing a new President get ready to enter the White House including the students of West High School. In American history we’ve had...

Role of Student Government

Hunter Griffin, Reporter

February 3, 2017

  The students at West High have so many fun and interesting events to go to. There is always something going on at West that makes going to this school worthwhile. But nobody really knows or appreciates the process of setting up these events or who is even the one setting it all up...

School Lunches

School Lunches

February 3, 2017

Favorite Social Medias

Sharon Song, Reporter

February 3, 2017

What is  your  favorite social media platform? How much time do you spend on it per day? Those were some of the questions that were asked to the students of West Anchorage High School. According to the Merriam Webster...

Post-Graduation Plans

Post-Graduation Plans

February 3, 2017

Start On Time!

Leyla Kusmider, Reporter

December 7, 2016

West Anchorage High School's tardy policy was instituted district wide after 36,000 tardies were reported in West High alone. The policy is called the Start On Time Initiative. It is very straightforward and helps to encourage student...


Aleks AndonoV, Reporter

December 6, 2016

Dance West is known to be one of the most exciting programs to be watched in Anchorage. Showing lots of creativity, DanceWest always knows how to put on a show. They pack the West auditorium each performance and give the fans w...

Dressing For Success Or To Impress?

Madison Rock, Reporter

December 4, 2016

The Anchorage School District has a strict dress code that is enforced differently at every school. For as long as this dress code has existed, it has been consistently challenged and West Anchorage High School recently decided t...

Ghostly Encounters at West

Haley Taylor, Reporter

November 30, 2016

It is to be expected that a school as old as Anchorage West High School would be surrounded by ghastly rumors of the paranormal kind. From “Ladies in White” and old janitors to semi-humanoid creatures in the basement, West...

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