Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds

Evan Vang, Reporter

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, also known as PUBG, is a game that can be purchased at a game store or online such as steam. PUBG is a game where you or your team has to be the last team standing out of 100 players, to win the game you have to grab guns and armor to make your way through the zone without getting killed from other players who is also trying to survive. This game style is known as Battle Royale.

Derric Crain, a PUBG player, said “PUBG is a good game and the price should be changed to being free because I want to play with others who can’t afford it.”

“I’m good at this game because I learn from the best which is from my friends,” said Crain. He has also been playing PUBG for a good three months now.

“If I got the chance to work with the developers of PUBG, I wouldn’t do it because I know nothing on creating a game and they probably don’t need my ideas,” Crain mentioned. He also says that PUBG is on his top three list of his favorite games, because it’s a very fun game and a good game to hang out with friends. He mentioned that he would change a map on PUBG that he didn’t very like much because of the design. Crain just wanted to say that Fortnite players aren’t as good as PUBG players.

Donovin Davis also a PUBG player who says, “ Anyone can be good at the game if you just put effort and time into the game as much as you can. No one can ever be bad at a game.” He says that the game needs more polishing up to do on their graphics and “ If you have a good computer then you can run PUBG perfectly.” Davis recommends this game to others because of how good the game is. Davis also said that he’s not good at the game but he keeps practicing until he gets good. Each time he plays he says that he learns more different teamwork styles and can be used in real life. Davis added,  “ Games can actually teach you things in real life, it’s not bad to play games like PUBG because it teaches you things like strategy and communication.”

He also said, “The price on the game should stay the same as 30$ for its popularity on the game or else they aren’t making money.”

Jamal Urrutia, another PUBG player, says that he likes the game because it’s very intense, “ I never die first because I’m good at the game.” He says, “I want the price lower so others can buy the game too.” PUBG for him is fun he said because, “It’s a very fun game and awesome way to experience teamwork in game and it helps you in the future on teamwork in real life.” He had one thing to add to his story and it was that PUBG players are harder than Fortnite players because most of them play on the computer. Urrutia said, “I really recommend this game because it’s a very fun game.”